The Stored Solar Power Station is optimized to provide a balance of hot water, electricity and gas with appropriate storage to provide all-year-round energy needs from the Sun. Depending on the strength and reliability of the sunlight in specific locations, a mix of commercially available solar thermal and photovoltaic input solutions are used, coupled with a hydrogen gas generation system, to provide the three main energy requirements. A balance of short term electrical and thermal storage with longer term gas storage is used to provide day-long, year round power.

The modular system is designed to harvest the maximum energy from the Sun at the lowest possible cost and is best suited to countries in the sun-belt. The unit will be self-contained to simplify deployment, installation, operation, safety and maintenance.
In equatorial locations with consistent, strong sun conditions, less solar capture area and less gas storage is required. In Spain with relatively less continual sunlight, more storage is required with significantly more area of PV. Where direct sunlight is prevalent, concentrating optics can be used to minimise system costs.
Spain receives the least sunlight and requires the most storage

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