General Information on Renewable Energy

NREL DOE Renewable Energy Basics USA Good starting point with numerous detailed pages

Natural Resources Canada :: Renewable Energy Canada Technologies and Practical Applications

The Renewable Energy Centre UK All Aspects of Energy Conservation and Renewables

CREST Centre for Renewable Energy UK Academic Research, Demonstrations and Courses

Stanford Global Climate and Energy Project USA Research and Information on Energy Systems and Trends

MIT Centers for Energy Research USA Listing of the MIT Departments Focused on Energy Research

General Information on Hydrogen

Renewable Energy Association Hydrogen USA General Information on Hydrogen

Rocky Mountain Institute USA "Why Hydrogen?"

National Hydrogen Association USA National Trade Association

London Hydrogen Partnership UK Hydrogen Projects in the London Area

EERE Department of Energy, Energy, Efficiency and Renewable Energy USA General H2 Information

Hydrogen Energy Equivalents USA Commercial Site with Useful Conversion Chart

HyWeb Gazette Germany Info on Energy Mix Hydrogen, Fuel Cells, Regulations, Calendar of Events

Hydrogen Energy Network UK Hydrogen Research Oriented Network

IPHE International Partnership for the Hydrogen Economy Worldwide R&D, Demos and Commercial Devt.

DOE and NHA Hydrogen Safety USA DOE and NHA Site Concerned with All Aspects of H2 Safety

EERE Hydrogen Fuel Cell Engines and Related Technologies Course Manual USA EERE

General Information on Solar Technology

EERE Department of Energy, Energy, Efficiency and Renewable Energy USA EERE

EPFL Laboratory of Photonics and Interfaces Switzerland Prof. Michael GRÄTZEL's Research Lab

Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems Germany Advanced Solar Research

Stanford Global Climate and Energy Project USA pdf download of 'Exergy Chart' Showing Solar Potential

Solarbuzz USA Comprehensive Industry News and Information Including Current Pricing

Listings of Renewable Energy Conferences and Events

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Events Fuel Cell Markets UK Online Marketplace - H2 / Fuel Cell Events Calendar

Renewable Energy World USA News and Related Information

Learning Sites and Energy Resources for Kids

Energy Quest - California Energy Commission USA Kids Animated Games

EERE Kids Saving Energy USA Dept. of Energy Site for Kids Energy Conservation

EIA Energy Games and Facts USA Department of Energy

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