In a solar assisted electrolyser, commonly referred to as photo-electrochemical (PEC) generation of hydrogen, the required bias for water electrolysis is reduced. The additional energy required to split the water is provided by light from the sun at the blue end of the visible spectrum.  The light is absorbed in the electrolyser by a metal oxide photo-electrode with nano-crystalline properties.

In one early method of preparation using spray pyrolysis, the proprietary photo-material is deposited at elevated temperature in ultra thin layers to achieve the correct chemical and physical properties. We are actively researching several methods of material deposition.

Further developments are underway to significantly reduce the bias requirements and increase the spectral range of light absorbed by the photo-material to increase the efficiency of hydrogen production.

Commercial partners are sought who can produce samples with very specific attributes. If you are able to supply photo sensitive coatings on stainless steel that produce over 2ma/cm2 then we would like to hear from you. Contact Julian Keable at the following address:

info (at)

Stored Solar has years of practical experience in this area including the purchase of all the intellectual property from Hydrogen Solar, who were pioneers in commercially designed PEC devices.

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