There is no shortage of discussions concerning the worldwide problems created by fossil fuels. Hydrogen, if produced by solar electrolysis, and used by combustion, or in a fuel cell to create electric power, is a completely clean technology. The only byproduct is water. There are also no environmental dangers like oil spills to worry about with hydrogen. The elimination of greenhouse gases - If the hydrogen comes from the electrolysis of water, then hydrogen adds no greenhouse gases to the environment.

There is a perfect cycle -- electrolysis produces hydrogen from water, and the hydrogen recombines with oxygen to create water and power in a fuel cell. The elimination of economic dependence - The elimination of oil means no dependence on the Middle East and its oil reserves.

Distributed production - Hydrogen can be produced anywhere that you have electricity and water. People can even produce it in their homes with relatively simple technology. The problems with the fossil fuel economy are so great, and the environmental advantages of the hydrogen economy so significant, that the push toward the hydrogen economy is very strong.

Stored Solar recently gained access to this technology through the aquistion of Hydrogen Solar's intellectual property in the area of photo-electrochemical (or PEC, to which it is often referred) production of hydrogen.

An exciting development is the use of solar assisted electrolysis to minimise the electricity required to produce the hydrogen gas in electrolysers so enabling a lower cost solution.

These examples of early hydrogen vehicles and refueling stations are largely dependant on electricty derived from fossil fuels and as such, do not constitute a viable energy alternative. However, hydrogen produced from renewable electricity such as solar, wind and hydroelectric will enable a clean form of stored energy.

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